A Diverse Array of Tools

We recognize that not everyone takes information in the same way, nor do we all need the same support systems.  The BenefitsPlus program therefore endeavors to provide a network of tools to support the various needs of you and your family – read on to learn more!

Upcoming Events

2nd.MD: Health Equity – Learn How to Achieve Your Full Health Potential

Thursday, October 14, 2021  1:00PM-1:45PM EST

Join 2nd.MD House Calls and Dr. Lisa Angeline Cooper, MD, MPH, a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor and Professor of Medicine, to get answers to questions that will help us understand the disparities that remain in our healthcare system and the steps we can take to achieve our full health potential. Have questions for Dr. Cooper? You can pre-submit them to be answered live when you register online. 

Register here or visit the House Calls home page for a variety of additional on-demand and pre-recorded content.

Personalized Support

Access to Care

Having an inclusive healthcare network means more than simply ensuring access to providers in your area – our benefit vendors also work hard to provide effective methods which you can use to search the network and find providers that represent a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds.

With UnitedHealthcare, you can use the Provider Search tool to search by providers by specialty, gender, ethnicity, and language. This support is included with behavioral health services too via UnitedHealthcare’s dedicated Behavioral Health plaform, LiveandWorkWell.

Multilingual Services

Did you know that many of our benefit providers can assist you and your families even if your preferred language is not English?

  • Need support and not sure where to get started? Our Digital Wellness Roadmap is now available in spanish as well as english!
  • CCA@YourService coaches and counselors can deliver support in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and more, and if you or a family member contact CCA at their dedicated helpline, they can assist in even more languages. If you are working with CCA to find long-term counseling, they will work with you to ensure you are referred to a provider that speaks your preferred language.
  • Need a stress reduction tool? Sanvello premium, a mobile app with clinically tested techniques to help you manage your situation, is available for free. To get started, register online and then download their mobile app. Sanvello is available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
  • Calling the BenefitsPlus Solution Center? They have partnered with Language Line Solutions to ensure that you can get your benefit questions answered. To take advantage, simply let your benefits advocate know which language you prefer when calling in. Languages they support include Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Mandarin, and more.

Want to get involved? The Multicultural BRG is committed to supporting all employees of all abilities to thrive in a safe and accessible workplace. Learn more here!