Physical & Mental Wellbeing

We offer a robust variety of programs and resources that are designed to help you out if you need support. From mental wellbeing to physical health, BenefitsPlus can assist you. Many of these programs are available to you and your family at no added cost – read on to learn more!

Upcoming Events

Need to talk to someone? You can speak with a coach or counselor from CCA@YourService 24/7. We have dedicated coaching hours for dentsu employees, and a 24/7 support line for confidential assistance. 

Personalized Support

Mental Wellbeing

  • Need a stress reduction tool? Sanvello premium, a mobile app with clinically tested techniques to help you manage your situation, is available for free. To get started, register online and then download their mobile app. 
  • Need short-term support? CCA@YourService provides access to 24/7 support, and 12 hours/week of dedicated coaching for dentsu employees. Learn more here.
  • Need long term support? Virtual visits with in-network therapists are available for anyone in a PPO medical plan for free. Visit and complete a one-time registration, then access and begin appointments with the UnitedHealthcare mobile app.

Physical Health

  • Lulafit provides you with access to on-demand fitness and lifestyle programming. Register and get started today at (activation code dentsu).
  • ClassPass helps you try out new programs, with a membership that allows you to sign up for classes at over 20,000 gyms around the world. Sign up online with your dentsu email to get a monthly discount.
  • Want to get started or try something new in your journey to total wellbeing? Real Appeal is a free weight loss program for members of the medical plan that offers support and guidance to begin and continue your journey to better health and lifelong wellness.

Check out our Digital Health Guide and Digital Wellness Roadmap to see what other programs and tools are available for you and your family.

Leave of Absence

Our leave of absence programs are designed to support you when you need to step away due to your medical needs.

  • Short Term Disability – If you need continuous time off to recover from a medical condition or procedure, Short Term Disability provides 70% income replacement for the duration of your approved leave (up to 26 weeks maximum). Short Term Disability is provided to all benefit eligible employees at no cost.
  • Long Term Disability – If you have a serious health condition that requires you to be out of work for more than 26 weeks, Long Term Disability provides 60% income replacement for the duration of your approved leave. You must opt-in to Long Term Disability coverage though your benefit account to access this program.

All leaves of absence are administered by Lincoln Financial Group. You may request your leave by calling (800) 523-0428 or by filing online at (company code = BENEFITSPLUS).

To learn more about our company’s leave programs, click here.

Want to get involved? The Enablement BRG is committed to supporting all employees of all abilities to thrive in a safe and accessible workplace. Learn more here!