Additional Voluntary Options

Our Group Voluntary Plans may provide additional protection in the event of an accident, illness, or hospitalization.

  • Accident Insurance provides a fixed payment that can assist in covering expenses that occur following the treatment of an accidental injury.
  • Critical Illness Insurance will pay out a lump sum benefit between $10,000 and $40,000 (depending on your election) that can help offset out of pocket costs if you are diagnosed with a covered condition.
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides you with a fixed benefit should you be admitted to the hospital.

These plans include Benefit Assist to help you get your benefit payout sooner. If you are enrolled in a BenefitsPlus medical plan and are enrolled in one of the the voluntary plans, UnitedHealthcare provides you with a Benefit Assistant who will:

  • Review your eligible medical claims
  • Notify you if any medical claims qualify for a benefit payout from your
    supplemental plan.
  • Connect you with the right claims specialist who will walk you through the
    process of submitting a supplemental plan claim, so you can get your benefit
    payout sooner.

Learn more about these plans here.

  • Group Legal Insurance provides you with access to consultative support over the phone or in person with qualified legal professionals. For more information, refer here.
  • Identity Theft Protection will protect you and your family against Identity Theft with Lifelock and Norton security services, as well as remediation if an when you find that your identity has been compromised. Fore more information, refer here.