Financial Wellness Support

Providing you with the tools and equipment to have control over your day to day finances is important to us. In addition to helping you plan for your savings and retirement goals through the 401(k) plan, financial wellbeing means to have the resources to handle most financial emergencies, and to have access to partners that will help you manage your debt and spending. We are very excited to provide you with partners that can help you accomplish these goals!

SoFi Dashboard

SoFi Dashboard is a digital platform that helps you build financial independence for you and your family. With the platform, you can access a personalized debt navigator, advice for your loan repayment options, and get discounted refinancing rates. 

Key Features

  • SoFi Relay: The ability to securely connect your accounts to track your spending and set monthly budgeting goals.
  • Credit Score Monitoring: Know your score and the factors influencing it.
    Discounts and Cash Bonuses: For student loan refinancing, personal loans, mortgages, and more.
  • 529 Savings & Selection Tool: Understand how much to save for college and which 529 Plan makes the most sense for your situation.

Schwab Essentials

A new enhancement to our partnership with Charles Schwab, you now have access to exclusive support from Schwab financial consultants for financial support in addition to your retirement savings plan.

Key Features

  • Complimentary guidance: Speak with a financial consultant to get guidance and help based on your needs.
  • Cash rewards: Get rewarded for qualified deposits into new or existing Schwab brokerage accounts.
  • Discounts on managed investing fees : Receive a 15% discount on advisory fees for select investment solutions.