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Raising a family is a full-time job that never stops – even during office hours. We have benefit programs designed to help you out during every stage of parenthood; from thinking about starting a family, having a young child, school aged child, and beyond.

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Starting a Family

  • Need support to grow your family? With UHC’s Fertility Solutions, you can work with a fertility expert to receive education, counseling, and fertility management, including egg freezing and storage for medical and lifestyle reasons. Learn more here.
  • Maven provides free on-demand virtual support for dentsu employees and their partners who are thinking about starting a family; already pregnant; exploring fertility treatments like IVF, IUI, and egg freezing; considering adoption or surrogacy; or have a child under 10 years old. You can also get reimbursed for eligible adoption and surrogacy expenses via Maven Wallet and use Maven Milk for breast milk shipping while traveling for work. All at no cost to you. Learn more about this free benefit here.

Families with Infant Children

  • Through our medical plan, you have access to breast pump coverage, lactation counseling, and neonatal resources for you and your newborn.
  • Bright Horizons Backup and Emergency Childcare support will help you ID short term and full-time childcare. As a new parent, you have access to 35 total days of backup care in your baby’s  first 12 months.
  • Need to travel for work? Milk Stork provides free breast milk delivery when you need to be away from your baby for business.

Learn about these programs and more in our Our New Parent Leave Resources flyer.

Families with School-Aged Children

  • Our Work/Life Assistance program  with CCA@YourService gives you and your family 24/7 to voluntary, confidential support should you need help to manage your daily life.
  • Bright Horizons Backup and Emergency Childcare support gives you access to 25 days per year of backup child care, as well as additional resources which include helping you find full time childcare, nanny placement services, virtual tutors, and more.
  • Need help raising children with learning, social or behavioral challenges? With Rethink Benefits, you have free access to work with a behavior expert, and access to a digital library of over 2,000 lessons for your child, categorized by age and ability.

Learn about these programs and more in our Our Parental Resources flyer.

Leave of Absence

Our leave of absence programs are designed to support you when you need to step away to support your family. You are entitled to the following time off when eligible:

  • Parental Leave – If you are having a child, adopting, or fostering, you are entitled to income continuation for up to 16 weeks with Parental Leave in the first 12 months of birth/adoption/foster placement.
  • Caregiver Leave – If you need time off to take care of a seriously ill family member, you may be eligible for up to 6 weeks of income continuation. Paid Caregiver Leave runs concurrently with FMLA and any other applicable state or local laws

All leaves of absence are administered by Lincoln Financial Group. You may request your leave by calling (800) 523-0428 or by filing online at (company code = BENEFITSPLUS).

To learn more about our company’s leave programs, click here.

Want to get involved? The Parents BRG is committed to supporting prospective parents, and parents with children of all ages. Learn more here!